Two Easy And Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fat

An enlarged abdomen often causes embarrassment and many diseases. People with belly fat do not feel comfortable. There are many exercises to lose belly fat, but it is not possible for everyone to go to the gym and make time for exercise. That’s why if you try the following methods regularly, you may succeed in your goal.
Method No. 1
One tablespoon
A spoonful of mint
A tablespoon of cloves
A tablespoon of homemade celery
A tablespoon of kalazira
One tablespoon of fennel
A tablespoon of small cardamom
Grind all these ingredients. After eating, take half a teaspoon with coffee in the morning and evening. This will eliminate excess fat. And the enlarged stomach will enter automatically. Fennel will not make you hungry again and again. Ginger will digest your food. And mint will help eliminate excess fat. And in Klonji there is a cure for every disease, not just one.

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Method No. 2
Aloe vera gel two tablespoons
Two tablespoons of green coriander leaves
Cucumber peel a number
Ginger 1 inch chopped
A lemon car
Combine all these ingredients with a cup of water and mix just a pinch of clonji and drink it one hour before breakfast in the morning. With just 30 days of regular use, the bloated stomach will get into the stomach. Drink only green coriander. It reduces weight while its stems increase weight. Lemons and aloe vera gel play an important role in eliminating fat as well as your diet. Keep and avoid drinking water for at least an hour after each meal.

these tips will help you if you really want to lose belly fat.

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