Natural ways to increase breast milk

Breast milk is the baby’s first food. For good health and protection of the baby from diseases, it is necessary to give him only breast milk instead of formula milk.

After birth, the baby is given breast milk. In a short period of time, they stop breastfeeding the baby and feed him.

Due to which he suffers from recurrent diseases. There can be many reasons for weaning the mother, one of which is the decrease in milk production. Due to which the baby’s stomach does not fill and the baby cries due to hunger, so the mother is forced to feed the baby.

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There are some natural ways to increase breast milk:
Drink more water:
Thus, each person’s need for water is different, but breastfeeding mothers must drink eight glasses of water a day. Especially when they sit down to breastfeed, drink a glass of water.
Eat a balanced diet:
Breastfeeding mothers need 500 extra calories than other women.
So mothers should include protein foods like fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, vegetables, barley, and fenugreek seeds in their diet. Soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and keep it overnight. Five minutes in the morning. Boil till then filter this tea and mix honey in it and drink it.
Be sure to take vitamins:
According to experts, calcium, vitamin D, iron and folic acid are very important for breastfeeding mothers. Regular use of these vitamins and minerals ensures an increase in breast milk.
Feed the baby quickly and repeatedly:
There is no set time for breastfed babies. Therefore, whenever the baby cries or remembers more milk, breastfeed the baby.
Drink equally from both sides:
The more milk baby drink, the more milk will be produced. Feed the baby on both sides and empty the breast completely so that the milk will start to form again.
try to Sleep with your baby for the first six months.
Take special care of the child’s appetite.
Do not suckle the baby.
Eat a healthy diet.
Drink plenty of water and liquids.
Rest as needed.
Wear loose clothing instead of loose clothing.

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